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Free Second Life Shirts!
People Shirts

Below are all of our people shirts. We have several different people shirts to choose from including Chuck Norris, Einstein, Bob Marley, etc.... All of the shirts are 100% free for download. Just click on the image or the download link to download the file. Then upload to Second Life and use the shirt to create awesome new outfits!

People Shirts Available:

Chuck Norris Shirt
Chuck Norris Shirt
Einstein Shirt
Jimi Hendrix Shirt
Download 1mb .jpg
Download 1.5mb .jpg
Download 1mb .jpg
Download 1mb .jpg
Bob Marley Shirt
Bob Marley Spliff Shirt
Bob Marley Burnin Shirt
Bruce Lee Shirt
Download 896kb .jpg
Download 897kb .jpg
Download 895kb .jpg
Download 636kb .jpg
Che Shirt
Chris Farley - Van Down by the River
Download 1mb .jpg
Download 930kb .jpg

*Files that are in the .jpg image format you may have to right click on and go to "save target as" in order to save it, or just open the file then right click on the picture and save the picture. Then just upload it like you would the .tga file.

If you have any requests or pictures you would like turned into a free shirt please email me. I would be happy to fill requests in any catagory.


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