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How to Use Second Life Shirts!

A step by step guide on how to use the images on this site, and upload to Second Life.

Find your shirt

First browse our easy to navigate menu on the left and find the shirt that you would like to download. A few of the shirts are in *.tga file format and the vast majority are simple *.jpg files. The targa (.tga) files are drastically larger in size. This is because the file has a built in alpha channel. These files work the same as .jpg they are just alot bigger.

Save the Shirt to your computer

To save the shirt to your computer just click on the download button or the shirt image. With targa files it will ask you to save. Just save in a directory you will remember, or on the desktop as I like to do. When you click on the jpeg files it will open a new window with the shirt image, just right click on the image and go to "save picture as" then save it wherever you like.

Upload to Second Life

Launch Second Life as you normally would. After the game has loaded go to the file menu, then select upload image. Choose the image you saved from this site. Second Life should show you a preview first. Make sure it is the correct shirt, if it is right click upload. This will cost you 10 Lindens, which is a small price to pay for a quality t-shirt. If it uploaded correctly Second life will show the image and send you a message to let you know it is complete.

Wear on your Avatar

Once the file is uploaded it then needs to be worn by your avatar. To wear the shirt just right click on the avatar and go to appearance. On the next menu go to Shirt under the Clothes menu. From here there should be a button named fabric just to the right that show what fabric you are wearing. Click on this button and select the file you just uploaded. Then you will probably have to adjust the scroll bars to make it into a t-shirt, or change it to long sleeve, turtleneck, tanktop, etc....

That's it! Just save the new shirt and your ready to go.

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